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Responsible action also includes providing transparent information. We hereby present our third sustainability report. It is intended to provide comprehensive information on our sustainability goals and measures as well as the results of our sustainability commitment to date.


This report serves to inform all employees, business partners, other stakeholders and the interested public. The next report is expected to be issued in 2023 and will cover the period 2020 to 2022. In terms of regular environmental statements, Hochland also issues detailed statements on the environment, occupational safety, health and energy management.

Reporting Period and Reporting Limits

This Hochland Sustainability Report 2017 to 2019 covers the reporting period from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2019. The report is supplemented by information on major activities that took place either before or after the above-mentioned period up to the editorial deadline in May 2020. The key figures relate to the years 2017 to 2019. The data was collected via the established management systems in the respective divisions. The area of application is Hochland Deutschland GmbH with its production facilities in Heimenkirch in Allgäu and Schongau in Upper Bavaria. Hochland Deutschland GmbH was founded on 1 January 2007 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Hochland SE and is responsible within the group of companies for the German brand business and the international business areas Food Service and Private Label. Some social commitment measures in Germany are controlled by Hochland SE. This is marked in the respective text passages.

Content and Reporting Standard

When selecting topics, Hochland was guided by the principle of materiality and the central expectations of its stakeholders. The company researched these expectations using an extensive stakeholder analysis, for example by conducting interviews with internal and external stakeholders. The content of the report was also weighted on the basis of the Hochland corporate strategy and industry-specific topics. The relevant challengesand measures are formulated in the chapters Corporate Management, Products, Environment and Employees. The final annex summarizes all the important key figures. The Hochland Sustainability Report 2017 to 2019 complies with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) »Core« option. It also takes into account the Food Processing Sector Supplement (FPSS). An audit for external confirmationwas not carried out. The GRI content index is taken out of the sustainability report and published as a separate online document at sustainabilityreport.hochland-group.com/gri-index

Format and Contact

This report is available to all interested parties in German and English and can also be downloaded from the Hochland website sustainabilityreport.hochland-group.com/download-report-pdf

It is also available in printed form. If you have any questions or comments on the Hochland Sustainability Report, please contact Petra Berners, Public Relations and Simone Grunwald, Sustainability Manager.


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Except the following images: Page 23, Gärtnerei Herzogsägmühle: Johann Jilka; Page 62 f., dairy congress: Hans-Rudolf Schulz für dfv Conference Group GmbH; page 63, Laufteam: Hochland; page 68: Barbara König for Great Place to Work.

Special thanks go to all the Hochländers who made themselves available as models.

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